I developed my passion for photography from a childhood hobby encouraged by my step dad. I studied, then worked as an assistant in for 5 years Edinburgh before setting up as a freelance commercial photographer.

My life brought me to the Kapiti Coast, NZ where I have re-established my commercial photography business and where I have been blessed with our two beautiful sons and a fantastic arts community.

I am a visual thinker, I think mostly in pictures. When I look through a camera lens I see colour and light, my brain instantly recognises an image, knows a moment in the second that it happens.

A photograph is many things. It can hold a moment we would otherwise lose. It captures light before it moves. It can record an object, a colour, a structure. It can be both random and precise. Photography provides a scale of creativity and precision that I find immensely satisfying.

My versatility as a photographer requires me to wear many hats. Whether I am working to a commercial brief or developing a creative concept, shooting documentary style or with a studio set-up, I love the combination of spontaneity and technical skill my job demands from me.

Be it your special moment, your life work or a creative project you have in mind, I am available for both private and commercial commissions. Please feel free to call me, or email with your particular requirements and we can discuss details further over coffee at my studio if needed. Let me make your shoot Iconic!